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SpaceTimeAi's mission is to generate actionable insights from geo-located and time-stamped data for government, business and society. We are a spin-out company of UCL SpaceTimeLab, a world leading Research Centre in GeoComputation. Using integrated space-time thinking and network-based approach, we develop innovative theories, methods and products for big data prediction, profiling, visualisation and simulation. We provide cutting-edge data driven solutions for smart cities and digital twins, from transport and mobility, safety and security to public health, energy and retail, empowered by latest AI and machine learning.


Real-time Analytics

· High predictive accuracy
· Less training data required
· Short computation time
· Provided via SaaS or API
· Capable of dealing with a wide range of time-space data
· Ability to integrate with client's decision support system through highly visualised and flexible interfaces

Operation Optimisation

· Advanced AI algorithms
· Agent-based simulations and spatial optimisation
· Advanced supply and demand analysis
· Site selection and capacity optimisation

Strategic Advisory

We can help you establish an organisational strategy for tapping available analytics to improve your productivity and workflow and design the systems needed.



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SpacetimeAI & Connected Places Catapult pass the first stage to help reduce traffic congestion in Brazil The Global Challenge Research Fund funded by UKRI supports cutting-edge research to address challenges faced by developing countries.


Use Cases

Business Intelligence

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Environmental Resilience

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Public Health 健康

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Security and Policing

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Transport and Mobility

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