Use Cases - Environmental Resilience

Advancing knowledge and understanding of natural hazards and developing novel risk assessment methods is a core part of the SpaceTimeAi research agenda. SpaceTimeAi is one of 11 partners in INFRARISK, a European Commission project that aims to test the resilience of critical infrastructure networks to a variety of natural hazards (


Hazard susceptibility mapping.


Hazard risk assessment.


Flood forecasting.


Forest fire prediction.


The Consumer Data Research Centre, works with retail industries to open up their data to researchers in order to provide solutions that drive economic growth and societal improvement. More details can be found on this website:


Random Forest, a decision tree based algorithm, is used to predict landslide susceptibility and type in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. A combination of features is used, including soil classification, slope, rainfall, land use and topographic wetness. Susceptibility and classification maps are combined to identify parts of the road network that are highly susceptible to the most damaging types of landslide.